Vaccines have contributed to a significant reduction in many life threatening childhood diseases. We strongly believe in the importance of vaccines and that it is important to adhere to an immunization schedule.  All providers at Child Health Associates support the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations related to childhood vaccinations.  Please visit any of the following sites for more information on the importance of vaccinating your child and vaccine safety.

American Academy of Pediatrics' Healthy Children

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Every Child By Two

Online Pharmacy">Institute for Vaccine Safety

Online Pharmacy

If you are traveling, Child Health Associates wishes you a safe trip. Part of safe international travel may include immunizations for your children. Child Health Associates offers/administers routine childhood vaccines but we do not offer counseling or administration for vaccines required for international travel. For this, we recommend that you contact the experts at local travel clinics. Please call travel clinics at UMASS Memorial Medical Center (508-856-1770) or St. Vincent's Hospital (508-368-3122) for destination specific information about travel vaccines. As always, contact us by phone during normal business hours with any questions.